About MocapNow

As seasoned veterans of animation and motion capture in both video games and film, MocapNow brings a level of expertise to the table that ensures a smooth capture session ran as efficiently as possible to provide the best quality animation for your project.

MocapNow can work with every setting, from small developers just trying to make their first game to best-selling juggernauts.  Our staff has worked on some of the highest selling AAA games with companies such as Rockstar Games, Microsoft, 343 Industries, Sony Computer Entertainment America, as well as with film companies such as Weta Digital, Blur and Animal Logic.  The team comes with industry experience bringing to the table past Academy Awards for visual effects on King Kong (2005) & Best Animated Film for Happy Feet (2007).

This background and experience makes MocapNow uniquely qualified to handle both the process of capture and any hiccups you may encounter along the way so that your capture can come in on time and on budget.

mocapnow-motion-capture-studios-cj-markham-ander-bergstromCJ Markham – Founder/Co-Owner & Ander Bergstrom – Co-Owner