Extensive motion capture experience with traditional game development, VR/AR productions and feature film
World-class motion capture, animation and pipeline services
Expansive full-body capture and facial capture volumes


Rockstar Games
Epic Games
Highwire Games

Award winning motion capture at a fraction of industry prices.

Traditionally motion capture has only been available to those that can afford to travel to Hollywood to rent a stage.  Our goal is to bring the quality and convenience of motion capture to studios who have not had that option before.  We feel that this will fundamentally change the way that small studios and indie developers access motion capture.

This is also valuable for large studios who want to do a test run of a system and try out data that has been captured and cleaned by an experienced industry veteran, similar to the one that they would hire to run the stage once they purchase it.  This is where Mocap Now’s experience implementing industry best practices with capture, all the way from story boards to implementing in a game engine, can make a huge difference in the decision making process while shopping for a motion capture system.